The Town of Los Altos Hills encompasses 9 square miles, making it one of the smallest incorporated towns in Santa Clara County. There is an additional 5.2 square miles of unincorporated land adjacent to the town’s boundaries that is designated within the Town’s “sphere of influence” and may be subject to the Town’s guidelines or annexation.
Ohlone Indians were the 1st known residents of Los Altos Hills. They were part of a group of Native Americans who once inhabited small villages throughout the Santa Clara Valley. Both Los Altos and Los Altos Hills have been substantiated as sites of early Ohlone villages.

Incorporated on January 27, 1956, Los Altos Hills had an original population of 2,500, today, a little over 8,000 residents call Los Altos Hills home. Many are drawn to this town because of the beauty of the area-rolling hills, picturesque valleys, and mild climate, much of the same reasons which drew the first inhabitants. One of the most distinctive features of the town is the singular dedication to the preservation of a “residential-agricultural” lifestyle, which is manifested in gracious homes, vast open lands rolling hills, spectacular views of the South and East Bay communities, and a uniquely rural atmosphere-a rarity in the one of most densely populated counties in California. Another significant feature of the town is absence of commercial activity which the founding fathers foresaw, and present residents have long upheld as necessary to preserve the kind of lifestyle they desire by choosing to live within the Town limits. However, there are permitted uses such as schools, religious, and recreational clubs. Combined with the natural beauty, physical assets and the determination of the residents to maintain their rural lifestyles, the Town remains one of the most beautiful, unspoiled, and desirable residential communities in Northern California.

One of the most unique features of the Town of Los Altos Hills, and of which the town is justifiably proud, is its Pathway System. This system of pathways, which comprises approximately 80 miles of beautiful trails and off-road paths meanders around and connects most of the community, a sort of a town’s sidewalk. With the cooperation of the residents, through easements and donations, this unique system is designed to allow users to appreciate the natural beauty of the town at their own leisure, whether by walking, running, bicycling or even on horseback, and in the process get acquainted with other residents. Once a year, the immensely popular Pathways Run is held by the Parks and Recreation Department, and residents of all ages participate in various runs.

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